How to find a good audiologist in Northeast Georgia

There is clear evidence that Georgia cities have grown at an exceptional rate over the past decade, particularly in and around Braselton and Buford in South Hall. That area is part of many local municipalities’ long-term growth strategies as new businesses and residents push north from metro Atlanta.

With this shift in population comes a greater demand for audiology services. Looking for a hearing healthcare practitioner in theBraselton area, or anywhere else, can be daunting, we know, but it doesn’t have to be. Audiologists provide patients with services through state-of-the-art technology and exams. Licensed practitioners can determine your degree of hearing loss as well as ensure that the specific hearing aid device you use will be the best option for your condition.

Here are a few tips to make sure your experience with audiologists is a good one:

Ask for a referral – if you don’t know a friend or family member that has recently been to a hearing healthcare professional, ask your physician.

Check your insurance – some insurance providers require that you get a professional referral to an audiologist in order to cover the services, so make sure you check.

Consider a business with a history – if an audiologist has been in business for 20 or 30 years, you know that they likely provide excellent service and care.


Look for professional credentials – as you research different audiology and hearing aid businesses in and around Braselton, you’ll find a variety of titles following an audiologist’s name. These titles can appear confusing, but it’s important to understand what they represent.


An audiologist is a healthcare professional specializing in assessment and management of the auditory vestibular system. The current standard of education is the Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) degree. Audiologists must also meet their state’s licensure requirements to practice clinical audiology, which is the application of scientific principles, methods and procedures for evaluation and treatment related to disorders of the auditory and balance systems, and are qualified to assess and treat infants, children and adults. Audiologists practice in a variety of environments, including: private practice clinics, hospitals, schools, universities and industrial settings, and help develop professional standards for hearing healthcare.

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