How to find a good audiologist in Jackson County GA

Hearing loss can be difficult to accept at any age, but there is help available. With the growth of surrounding Jackson County cities such as Jefferson and Braselton, comes a larger health care selection. Contact an audiologist in Braselton for a complete diagnostic evaluation and advice about the best method of treatment. An audiologist is a state licensed healthcare professional who specializes in evaluating the hearing of adults, infants and children, and in implementing appropriate corrective treatment viahearing aids, rehabilitative services or other technological means as needed.

Hearing is a gift that helps us to learn, share ideas and enjoy the pleasures of music, nature and conversations with friends and loved ones. Untreated hearing loss can result in negative social, psychological, and cognitive health effects. Individuals with a suspected hearing or balance disorder should be evaluated by an audiologist near you as soon as possible to determine the type, degree, and cause of the problem. The audiologist can then begin treatment or refer to the appropriate specialist.

How do I choose an audiologist?


Look for credentials – audiologists are hearing healthcare professionals that have a Masters or Doctoral degree in the field of Audiology. They are state licensed and recognized by Medicare as the healthcare provider most proficient to diagnostically test and counsel on best communication and treatment options for most hearing losses. Audiologists collaborate with primary care physicians and ear, nose & throat specialists when medical and surgical intervention is necessary. Most work in medical, private practice or hospital settings.


Check your insurance – some insurance providers require that you get a professional referral to an audiologist in order to cover the services. Make sure to check this before booking an appointment, so you are not stuck with paying for all medical tests if you don’t have to. You should also make sure that your insurance provider will cover the place you are going to, even if you do not get a referral.


Expect great service – audiologists love what they do because they are able to help people regain their hearing. If you suspect that the person you visited only cares about getting a product into your hand, you may want to reconsider your options. Buying hearing aids is an expense, but it is worth it if it helps you to hear. Only trust a professional that seems genuinely concerned about your well-being.

Meet a Gainesville Hearing audiologist – we now proudly serve Jefferson and the surrounding areas of Jackson county. Gainesville Hearing Services has served Northeast Georgia since 1994. We provide comprehensive hearing healthcare services to persons of all ages. We are staffed by Marilyn Schorn-Bellows, Au.D. CCC/A, Doctor of Audiology, and Henry C. Williams, Jr., Hearing Instrument Specialist.


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