Custom Ear Plugs & Earmolds

Your hearing is precious, so why would you risk it? If you are regularly exposed to loud noises, then your hearing is already at risk, but custom earplugs or earmolds can protect against hearing damage. Don’t let your hearing go to waste–call Gainesville Hearing Services to schedule a custom earmold impression today.

According to research performed by the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, long-term exposure to noise levels over 85 decibels (roughly the noise level of a standard lawn mower) can cause permanent hearing damage. If you routinely experience noise levels above 85 dB, or if you want to reduce incoming noise in general, custom-made earplugs and earmolds are the perfect fit for you. Unlike the cheap foam earplugs that can be purchased at most stores, custom molds and plugs conform to your exact ear shape, making them both more effective and more comfortable.

At Gainesville Hearing Services, we make custom earmolds and earplugs for a wide array of people, including:

Law enforcement
Medical professionals
Pilots and other airline personnel
Swimmers (custom plugs can also keep out water)
Industrial workers
Construction workers
Truck drivers
Anyone looking to reduce their noise intake

Earmolds Vs. Earplugs
Both custom earmolds and custom earplugs can reduce noise levels and protect hearing, but they each have specific advantages and disadvantages. Earmolds are cast from impressions of your entire outer ear and canal, meaning they will fit your ear similar to hearing aids. These molds offer great hearing protection that contours to your specific ear. Custom earmolds are especially great for performing musicians, as they can filter out ambient noise while letting speech through.

On the other hand, earplugs fit down inside your ear canal just like the disposable orange foam ones you have probably seen before. These plugs are molded to your specific ear canal, ensuring both a comfortable fit and the best possible degree of protection. Custom earplugs can also be fitted with handles to make removing them safe and easy.

No matter the type of sound you deal with, Gainesville Hearing Services has a custom earplug or earmold solution for you. Whether you work all day in a noisy factory or simply enjoy an occasional rock concert, we can ensure that you continue doing the activities you love without damaging your hearing. Don’t waste another minute putting your hearing at risk–call to schedule an appointment and get your custom earmolds or earplugs today.